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Eastwick fic

fanfic for abc's Eastwick

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Created on 2009-10-11 01:54:51 (#451321), last updated 2011-07-13 (322 weeks ago)

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Name:Fic for abc's Eastwick
Location:Christmas Island
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Fic for Eastwick
Welcome to [community profile] eastwick_fic! Your mods are [personal profile] everysecondtuesday and [personal profile] wintercreek. Feel free to contact us if you need anything.

A few ground rules to get us started (more to come, perhaps):

1. Play nice.

2. Goes without saying, except if you don't say it, someone will do it, so: only post your own writing or art. If you love something that's not yours, rec it with a link to the story, not the story itself.

3. Use a header. At the very least: title and rating.

4. All NC17 content must be posted with a cut.

5. Tags will be forthcoming, as we can organize them. Please tag for ease of finding later. Tags will be listed here. If we do not have the tag you need, please use the !tag. The mods will then create the necessary tags for you.

6. If your piece is posted directly to [community profile] eastwick_fic and is longer than a drabble (100 words) please put it behind a cut.

7. Go forth and create! Bring those stories!
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